WordPress Help XL

€ 650/10 hours

  • professional aid
  • design and development
  • content creation
  • for WordPress sites
  • can be used per half hour
  • valid for a year from issue
  • no strings attached

Creating a website is a lot of often specialised work. You need to build the site and you need to fill the site. We can help you with both. In other words, we can help you with web design and development, and we can help you with content creation.

Our WordPress Help is available to all our hosting customers. And for those of you who want to make a lot of use of this service against a reduced price, we created WordPress Help XL. Some examples of what we can help you with are:


  • design your website
  • restyle your website
  • help you find the right colours and fonts
  • create your logo and corporate design


  • make your website do things you didn’t even now were possible
  • programme custom code to make sure your website works and looks exactly the way you want it
  • make sure your website looks amazing on all devices
  • setup your shop for you
  • develop custom plugins
  • optimise your SEO process
  • optimise your website speed


  • writing and editing content
  • creating and editing photo and video
  • optimise your SEO

And these are only a few examples!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to have a multi language website. Can you arrange this for me?

    Absolutely! We have plenty of experience with accomplishing that, using Polylang and WPML for instance.

  • I only need a little work done. Can I buy WordPress Help per hour?

    Yes, you can. Just go to this page for more information.

  • Can you help me build a website with top notch functionality?

    Sure, not a problem. We know lots about creating intricate websites, like membership websites, online courses, shops and so on. You can always contact us to discuss your wishes.

    Examples of plugins and pagebuilders that we use:

    • Advanced Custom Fields
    • Woocommerce (for online shops)
    • Yoast (SEO optimisation)
    • WPML and Polylang (makes your website multi language)
    • Paid Memberships Pro (to create a membership site)
    • Divi (the number one pagebuilder)
    • Elementor (the other number one pagebuilder)

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