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From the kingdom, we provide you with the best internet hosting for the the best price.

Optimal Storage

We host many different kind of platforms, but we specialise in WordPress. Our servers are optimised for WordPress websites – even the most intricate ones – and our knowledge is always up to date. And all our hosting plans run on superfast SSD storage.

Free Backups

Many people don’t know this, but hosting often comes without backups. And they usually discover this when it’s too late and their website is down and irrecoverable. We make regular backups of your website for you, for free! That way you’ll have something to fall back on when the excrement hits the fan.

1-Click WordPress Install

Yes, you read this right. We offer One Click WordPress Installs. Setting up a WordPress website has never been this easy. And it’s included in the price of our website plans. For free!

Climate Neutral Hosting

Our servers are climate neutral. We also try to run our offices as environment friendly as possible. So when you buy our hosting you know your doing the planet a favour. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Safe & Secure

We want both you and your visitors to feel safe. That’s why we have invested in security. Your website and data are safely hosted with us. Plus, you’ll get a free SSL certificate. That way you’re visitor or customer knows your site is a reliable place to surf to as well.

Dedicated Support

Our support team consists of hosting specialists who take all the time needed to help you properly. So no underpaid, outsourced helpdesk that’s aiming to spend as little time as possible on your issues. We’re committed to giving you the best service we can. We’re here for you.

Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include

Free SSL certificate

So your audience knows your website and email is trustworthy.

Free Back Ups

Just to be on the safe side, we make back ups for you.

Free Webmail

So you can get to your email from wherever you choose.

SDD hosting

Our hosting runs on superfast SDD storage. Only the best!

Email included

You can even get plans that only host your e-mail.

No Set Up Costs

When you buy Kerry Hosting there are no hidden set up costs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hosting made easy

Arrange your hosting online. Just choose your domains and/or hosting plans and follow the instructions.
Need help? We’re here for you! Our support comes with an extra dose of Kerry hospitality.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on most of our plans. So if, by the end of these two weeks, you’re not satisfied with our hosting, we’ll give you your money back. The exceptions are plans that involve custom work and, of course, domains.

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