Frequently Asked Questions

So many questions, so little time… We have tried to make your life a bit easier by answering the most frequently asked questions about our company, hosting plans and services on this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based?

    We are based in beautiful county Kerry, Ireland. We serve customers in the entire European Economic Area, plus the United Kingdom and Switzerland. We are compliant with EU rules and regulations in general and Irish rules and regulations in particular.

  • Why should I pick Kerry Hosting for my website?

    Well, the short answer to that is that we offer the best internet hosting for the best price. The long answer is that we offer very complete plans, including stuff that you pay for elsewhere, like SSL certificates and backups. All our hosting plans run on superfast SSD servers. We offer excellent support and, if that’s not enough, we operate climate neutral.

  • I don't live in Ireland? Can I still get my hosting from you?

    Really? Poor you! Since this must be pretty awful for you as it is, we’ll let it slide. 😉

    And now seriously: sure you can! We serve customers in the EU, EEA, Switzerland and even the UK (couldn’t let that one pass 😀 )

  • Can I host any website with you?

    Yes, pretty much. We specialise in WordPress, but we are more than happy to provide your hosting if you use another platform.

    And that’s not all. With the Softaculous Auto Installer numerous other applications are also only a few clicks away. As a Kerry Hosting customer you automatically get access to this installer.

  • Can I order a domain with you?

    Absolutely! At Kerry Hosting, we offer over 500 domain extensions, including .ie for those who are eligible. When you enter your desired domain name in the search box on the Homepage or the Plans and Pricing page, you can check whether it’s available. Other suggestions will also come up automatically.

  • Why does it say "Powered by Full Service Hosting"?

    That’s because we are proudly part of Full Service Hosting. It’s also why you’ll see Full Service Hosting appear on your invoices and in your customer portal. That’s the only thing you’ll notice about our interconnectedness. We, Kerry Hosting, are at all times your point of contact and the ones that arrange things for you. Not that it would be bad to have the other ones as your contact. They’re just as nice as we are. We’re just a bit more… let’s say… Kerry!

    As Gus used to say: “In the end we’re all fruit.”

  • How fast will my website be up and running?

    Once your plan and everything is paid for, your domain and webspace should be set up soon enough. It’s normally sorted within an hour. If you have special wishes, it depends on the wishes. Do contact us to discuss your requests. We’re happy to help.

  • Can you move my current website for me?

    If you want us to move your WordPress website to our servers – i.e. you already have a website ready and waiting somewhere, local or at another server – for you, that’s possible. Just contact us, give us access and everything else we might need. We should be able to schedule it within a few days, the latest.

  • I don't have a website yet? Can you make one for me?

    Certainly! We can take care of it. Our sister company Uisce Web Design & Development will create a website for you that’s both stunning and effective. Our team will coordinate the whole thing, so you’ll have just the one point of contact.

  • Can I pay my hosting plan per month instead of per year?

    No, you can’t. Our core business is to provide you with an excellent hosting service. Keeping our books is a task which we consider necessary, but we’d like to do it as little as possible. Payment per month automatically entails more bookkeeping. Like you, we prefer to spend our time on what we’re good at and love doing. By keeping our financial transactions to a minimum, we’re enabling that. And you’re profiting as well, cos it helps us keep our prices low.

  • Do you also provide other internet services?

    We are proud to be part of Skinfaxi Ltd, also based in Kerry, Ireland. Skinfaxi is a one-stop shop when it comes to internet services. As a result, we can help you with more than just internet hosting.

  • You sound like a fun company to work for. Are there any vacancies?

    You are very perceptive, my friend, we are a fun company to work for. We do sometimes have vacancies, although they usually fill up pretty quickly. Any vacancies we have at the moment can be found on the Vacancies page in the footer menu.

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