Connect Hosting Plan

€ 2.99/month

(€ 35.88/yr, billed annually)

  • 5 GB storage
  • email only
  • unlimited mailboxes
  • SpamAssasin
  • free SSL certificate
  • free backups
  • free webmail
  • no setup costs

Sometimes you, your team, group or family don’t need a website, but do want to have their own dedicated email addresses. Our Connect Hosting Plan is perfect for you.

All you need to do is get this plan, buy a domain name to go with it and proceed to checkout. You can also add your own domain if you already have one. After you’ve checked out your purchase, your plan will be set up soon, so you can start creating those mailboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I only need email now. But what if I do want a website later on?

    You can always add a website later on. All you have to do is switch to a different hosting plan, one that includes website hosting. You can do that yourself via your login. Just go upgrade/downgrade and make your choice. Check out the hosting plan options here.

  • Can I upgrade to a Connect Plus Plan if necessary?

    Definitely. We’ve actually made that very easy for you. With the upgrade/downgrade option in our customer portal, you can arrange it yourself in a jiffy.

  • When long does it take before I can start using my own email?

    It depends, really. When you buy hosting with a .com domain, it’s usually within minutes. Some registrars need more information, though. In these cases, it can take a bit longer.

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