About Us

About us

Where we’re from and the reasons we get up every single morning

Kerry Hosting is part of Full Service Hosting, a hosting company hailing from county Kerry, Ireland. So we are an actual Irish company.

Our crew comes from all over. We basically made sure we found the right people for the job.

That job is making absolutely sure that we provide the best internet hosting at the best price to the good people of Kerry and the rest of Ireland. That’s what we jump out of bed for every morning, bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

What makes us different from the others?

Well, to put it into one word: clarity. With us you know what your getting. No hidden costs like setup fees, paid SLL certificates or backups. It’s all included. Our prices are competitive while we don’t skimp on quality. For example: our hosting runs on SDD storage. We offer the best only.

Also, our hosting is climate neutral. So when you buy our hosting you know your doing the planet a favour. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

And if all that isn’t enough, we can also help you get that actual website. Our sister company Uisce Web Design & Development (also from Kerry) makes the bestest and technically advancedtest (yes, we know that’s not how you write it) websites on this planet.

What’s not to like?

Our Company Mission

We provide reliable, affordable and sustainable internet hosting packages to everyone in Kerry.
Actually – now we’re really thinking about this – we provide the best hosting at the best price to EVERYONE in Ireland.

Our Vision

The greatest opportunity that the internet has to offer is that it offers a chance to connect people all over the world. In our dreams we are the main facilitators of virtual connections, whether private or commercial, in the European Union.

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